A Secret of Mcdonald’s Success

secrets of macdonalds success institute australia

Most experts agree that one of the secrets to McDonald’s success is its consistency. It doesn’t matter where you go across Australia, and you’ll find their hamburgers are consistent (not identical). When you order a Big Mac, you know what to expect.

The same idea should apply to your organisation. For example, you don’t want one of your departments learning how to deliver outstanding customer service, while other departments never receive customer service training. Why would one team get conflict management training while other teams have no processes around resolving customer or interpersonal conflict?

What are some soft skills you’d like everyone in your organisation to have the same training and consistency in? Customer service? Managing email? Resolving conflict? Negotiating? Telephone service skills?
Consistent training can also identify incorrect assumptions about how things should be done and break any bad habits learned from previous employers.

Post Author: Paul Puckridge