Why Encourage Learning?

Championing a culture of ongoing learning brings its advantages. Studies have shown that when adults learn new skills, the very act of learning: Challenges people’s beliefs about the way they are working. Boosts people’s confidence and self-esteem. Makes people less risk-averse and more adaptable to change when it happens. Helps people improve upon their existing […]

The Importance of Reflection

Whenever a team member attends a training session (whether it’s a quick 30-minute online webinar or a full-day course), encourage their manager to have a brief catch-up with them the following afternoon. Here are some useful questions a manager or team leader could ask their team member: Can you give me a broad overview of […]

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Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional.

Within your organisation, I’m sure that your senior managers strive to keep improving your products, services and value. But what about improving your people? Ongoing learning ensures every one of your employees is highly knowledgeable and has the right skills. Would your people benefit from becoming even better at: Time management Customer service Conflict Management […]

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Teach Me and I’ll Show You

An essential part of learning anything is that the learner can demonstrate it what they just leant. After your team has taken a short training session, say, in conflict resolution, sit down with them and give them several scenarios, asking them one by one to tell you how they would resolve an imaginary conflict situation. […]

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Investing in Training for Your Employees Can Save You Thousands

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between employee turnover and learning and development? In a research paper presented by the Saratoga Institute, which specialises in quantitative human resources measurement systems, the average company loses about $1 million for every 10 professional employees who leave. The bottom line is that managers and employees […]