Consistency is Important When Delivering Learning and Development

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When considering putting people through any soft skill training program, it is essential to think about how the skill will standardise the way people are doing things and if that will help improve each person’s productivity and performance at work.

If you are responsible for developing your managers and employees skills, think about what you would like your people to do at the same, consistent level. For example, what if everyone learnt how to deal with unhappy customers the same way? Or what about when customers yell, get angry or want to speak to a manager? Would it be helpful for everyone to the same sorts of approaches and be consistent?

What about something important such as planning your day each morning? What if every manager and employee learn the same five principles to morning planning? Imagine how many mistakes could be avoided and how everyone’s productivity would be increased if they are doing the same thing for 10 minutes at the start of their collective days!

Post Author: Paul Puckridge