Leaders Role In Promoting Wellbeing In The Workplace

As a leader not only you have the power to influence your employees’ wellbeing, but it is also your obligation. Setting the positive mood of the workplace and sense of purpose and unity, preventing burnouts and bad communication, you increase productivity and yet influence everyone’s overall quality of life. Julie Gordon, leadership trainer, wrote an article for PeopleDevelopmentMagazin.com about the four ways leaders can influence wellbeing of the members of their teams.

Ways to promoting well-being of the team

Jullie says these ways are:

1 Conveying the right mood
2 Communicating effectively
3 Being accessible
4 Keeping an eye out for the signs

Leaders role

She reminds leaders that “lending an ear to employees who have concerns, ideas or opinions to share means that issues can be dealt with at an early stage rather than dragging on and impacting on wellbeing.”

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