Learning and development reduces wastage

Learning and development reduces wastage

Often an overlooked yet critical element of learning and development is to reduce waste. This could be a waste of resources, but just as importantly, it could be a waste of time. Take for example putting all of your managers and employees through a training session on how to manage and participate in meetings.

Although valuable, if meetings aren’t managed properly they can become a massive waste of time. So, giving everyone training in how to put together an agenda, how to run a meeting, and how to participate and be a good meeting attendee makes sense.

But you can apply this logic to almost any aspect of work.

What do you want your staff to do less of? Where do you want less waste? Where do you want more efficiency? Whatever the answer, it’s likely that people won’t magically learn all this by themselves. They need training, and when your people are trained, they will learn to make good, safe and economical use of your organisation’s materials, tools and equipment. It also means accidents and equipment damage are all reduced or eliminated, and safety is enhanced.

Post Author: Paul Puckridge