Should you be hiring and promoting internally first? How training helps.

How training helps

One of the saddest conversations I can have with employees during my training programs is when they tell me that their organisation is hiring from outside the company, rather than look inside the organisation to promote upwards.

I do understand there will always be times an organisation has to look externally for a manager. But why not develop a culture of developing future leaders from within side and organisation? It just makes sense.

Having a series of training programs designed to develop and organisations future leaders and emerging talent can also help prepare these employees to start to move into higher roles and taking on more responsibilities.

For example, once a month, an organisation could have a leader in a training session for employees who have what it takes to take on a future supervisory or team leader role. This sort of monthly training does not have to do be an all-day event and will help them learn the skills that are required to function effectively in their new positions.

Not only are you preparing employees to take on the ship rolls into the future, but you’re also stopping employees who do want more responsibilities or promotion from looking elsewhere.

Post Author: Paul Puckridge