What is Success Hacks About?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, accountant, marketing coordinator, customer service representative, account manager, HR advisor, team leader or any one of a hundred one job titles; if you’re not constantly gaining new knowledge, implementing new skills and learning how to do every aspect of your work just that a little bit better, it won’t be long, and you’ll be left behind.

Think of anyone, in any field, who is truly brilliant at what they do, and I’ll show you a person who got to where they are through self-awareness and constant self-improvement. You see, truly talented people are constantly learning and implementing new skills. I hope you’re one of those people who release the need to keep learning and growing too. Success Hacks is dedicated to everyone who realises that what got us to this point in our careers won’t be good enough to get us to where we need to be.

From our years of helping organisations both great and small develop the work skills and smarts of managers, team leaders, supervisors and employees through our training and development programs – as well as curate insights and ideas from other experts, I’ve put together these short articles, videos and podcasts to help you and your colleagues lift the lid on your skills, knowledge, abilities and talent.

In this day and age when automation and technology seem to be threatening people’s jobs – my goal is to help you become the sort of manager or employee any organisation will always desperately fight to keep!

Good luck on your journey.

Paul Puckridge